About CESCA Boutique Hotel Xlendi

Posted On: 13/05/2021

Cesca Boutique hotel offers the unique experience in the heart of Xlendi, Gozo. It offers a serene and luxury experience leaving customers wanting to return. Be it to get away from the rush of the world, recharge for a few days or enjoy some exquisite cuisine whilst staying at the hotel; it will definitely not disappoint.

Cesca offers exquisite views coupled with the tranquil surroundings, located in the midst of a valley. Starting from the peaceful sounds of the water streaming through the valley, to the rural sounds of the birds chirping as well as the traditional touch of the village itself, the infinity pool and outdoor area, located on the highest floor of the hotel, boast these views.

The hotel’s location, just a few minutes away from the famous Gozitan bay of Xlendi is also extremely attractive and compelling.

Once a fishing village, Xlendi is a tourist hub which is situated in the Southwest of Gozo. Its uniqueness begins with the cliffs that circinate the bay at the height of which rests a tower, dating back to the 1600s. One can therefore swim but also appreciate a serene walk surrounded by the greenery, home to numerous creatures, including the Maltese national plant – “Widnet il Bahar”. Amongst the prestige surroundings, the national heritage extends itself to the local parish, devoted to Our Lady of Mount Carmel. The Patron is celebrated in the village feast, at the end of August. This attracts numerous tourists and locals. The streets are compelling with the variety of decorations, the scenic views of the fireworks and the ‘gostra’ tradition, which is a competition whereby a trophy is won by the person who manages to climb up a plank-like pole which is covered in lard.

The history linked to this village adds to the attractiveness of the place. Tombs located in Xlendi date back to the Byzantine period. These are located both in the Valley and at the famous point of St. Simon.

In addition to the rich history of the place, we find the tower which Grandmaster Lascaris built in the 1600s, now preserved and guarded by the NGO Din L-Art Helwa.

Finally, to add to the numerous touristic sites and picturesque environment of Xlendi one can find the Xlendi Mill.

What better than to enjoy the everlasting serene views offered by Cesca Boutique Hotel, have so many sites to visit, views to admire as well as numerous activities to enjoy just a couple of minutes away, and this is just one, of Gozo’s villages!

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